Saturday, 12 March 2011

--our wardrobe who art in my room, tidy by thy name--

This happens every now and again when I have time or feel that my life is a mess.. what better way to demolish this feeling than a wardrobe audit? you get rid of all the things that are taking up valuable space up. Finding old clothes in your wardrobe is like running into old lovers. You ask yourself...what did I every like about you, when were we ever compatible? but you know fine well that you keep them close in hope that you will rekindle some past love that you once had. But these are the days when you tell yourself enough is enough.. I must be rid of your existence; you no longer mean anything to me...but still in the back of your mind your thinking ' I would hate to see this on someone else' because you know there is that small chance that it might look a bit better on them. Sometimes you just have to go for it and deal with it.


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