Wednesday, 15 September 2010

/hoxton hotel/

When I got back to London I received a phone call from my brother. It pretty much started as a lecture about sorting my life out, c.vs, jobs, money- blah blah blah... but as soon as I diverted the conversation to happier things he told me that he got my boyfriend a night in the hoxton hotel. Just goes to show, nothing good comes without a little bit of a bitch slap first.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

-back home-

Got back to London, and its an immediate back to work start. We are almost completely booked up for this month with exhibitions that we are still sorting out. check out our gallery blog
GroundFloorLeft and if your in London feel free to pop down to see some good work. But first things first, a boy needs to unpack before getting started. so here are some of my goodies from copenhagen.

saftey pin jacket: Black Noir, Sweater : Uni-Qlo, bottoms: Monki Shoes: Vagabond

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


so here is the typical 'i have left the country' picture. its been an absolute pleasure in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.. so thank you to my old friends and the new ones I met along the way.


Friday, 3 September 2010

---j'aime tout Noir---

I thoroughly love everything Noir.... the obvious 'Le Chat Noir', Film Noir, Noir coffee the list can go on. The word itself oozes sex, mystery and secrets. So when I first saw the Black Noir brand for ,funnily enough, the first time was this summer. I saw a few pieces that caught my eye, which usually isn't very easy for me. And the present that I got from my beautiful friend was one of those pieces.. I love my friends.

Present for me

After a lovely evening with some old friends that I worked with 5 years ago, my dear dear friend Kiki Cao (who is also a SICK designer) has promised me a little present that I had my eye on. I can not wait to pick it up from her today and you best believe it will be blogged...

Thursday, 2 September 2010

-papas new shoes in action-

This is the first and perhaps the last time I take pictures of myself..depending on the response I get of course..but I'm just so excited about taking my puppies out for action I need to share it with the few people that come across this blogg!

T-shirt - from Morrissey concert, Cardigan - my sisters, Shorts- cut off Levis,
Trench - Burberry, Ring- Weekdays, Shoes- Vagabond

Lavin for H&M

Oh its on!