Thursday, 31 March 2011

growing up with my childhood friend from Peru, I have always had a fascination with the Incas. I think it might have been because of the fact that they lived high up in the moments away from the city which generated this romantic feeling of absolute solitude that i envy so much. the Peruvian culture reflects passion, fun, happiness, joy, love and all the other feelings that make you get butterflies in that tummy of yours. I guess its all that sun they're exposed to or maybe they have to wear these flamboyant outfits to frighten off animals trying to kill their young, but either way they look fabulous darling. my friend Claudia used to always bring me back something from there after visiting her family and I would cherish it immensely. the patterns, the colours, the images of the lamas gave me a feeling like I had already been there through her, not to mention her looooong stories about how absolutely fantastic it was. 

For another piece of work I'm thinking of doing; I've been playing around with making my own patterns inspired by tribes such as the Incas.

and I am glad to see that this has also been interpreted into fashion by Mary Katrantzou in her AW11 collection. I'm happy to see that someone has the same passion for colour, pattern and structure as i am. 

sketches for new work

these are a few ideas i've had/made for a smaller scale of work (when i work on my own). trying out new things and playing around with thread. its something i used to do in school as a child and thought it be cool to see how far i could possibly take it several years later. so far, not far enough, but 'we've only just begun'.



small gift i bought myself this christmas. never got round to blogging it til now.. better late then never.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

A little something something I picked up from the charity shop down the road from where I live. when i saw them i immediately thought of the Henrik Vibskov A/W10 and A/W11 collections. Obviously not as over the top, just more subtle.

my dreams were crushed when i put them on and realised how small they were. the arms of the glasses weren't exactly long enough (or maybe my nose is just too big). but either way they fit alright just not 120% comfortable but you cant really go wrong when they were only £1.
I think they had more of a John Lennon vibe to them than Henrik Vibskov's surreal flair. I think what made me think that they were out of this world was the fine details around the frames and the arms, and the tortoise shell ends. i saw them more as a combination of great old school finish with a contemporary feel. contemporary in the sense that i can see a designer less flamboyant than Vibskov re-visiting this 60's/70's feel and finishing a pair of glasses like these in the same way.

Monday, 14 March 2011

It must seem like my birthday is never ending, but i'm sure this will be the last post about it. anywho, the necklace above was a present from two my beautiful friends Michelle & Rosie. they got it from a charity shop in Hastings. Its a gorgeous necklace from the 70's with what feels like fox fur, lazer cut suede leaves and large cork and wooden beads. when i received it, immediately put it on and spent the whole drunken night prancing around in it. unfortunately i dont feel i did complete justice to such a statement piece so i'm thinking to myself what other options i might have for next time i wear it and here are a few.....

option one is the simple cut but colourful. above we have a few selections from Zara and below we have a more structured textured version of this by Jil Sander. this will obviously make the necklace stand out and give it its own presence at the same time not taking too much away from the strong block colours.....

option two, which was my first option, is matching it with more knitted patterns, and who better did that this season then Missoni? buttoned up shirt under the collar, the necklace would add more texture but blend in and pick up tones from the clothes itself....

either option i came to the conclusion that these Jil Sander shoes are a must! it would tidy up both looks and still introducing a touch more colour to the ensemble.

I would personally go for the green soles....they are by far my favourite...I think a new obsession has commenced.

what say you?


Saturday, 12 March 2011

-DIY Burberry-

picture from www.butyk.co.uk

I would dare anyone not to like Burberrys ss11 collection. I'm sure you've read all about through other blogs that have verbalised how amazing it was better than me....so lets get to the point.. I have been obsessed with the concept of traditional trench and hard leather, and considering my funds are scarce I must take matters into my own hands and make this look tangible in my life. Here is what I did.

After my wardrobe audit, I convinced my boyfriend to throw out his trench coat. words can not express how beaten up this trench was. holes galore, rips and tears from the fights that we had, cuts from him falling over, drunken nights...but our relationship aside, the trench was a hawt mess. He also has a new leather jacket so he didn't need his old one... this was definitely an opportunity for me to work my magic. Anyway number 1. find a leather jacket, and a trench..

2. Unpick the sleeves off both. have a cigarette because it can get boring.

3. Pin the leather sleeves to the trench, or pin the trench sleeves to the leather jacket and get your sewing machine out and sew the living shit out of them...i am a messy sewer because i get too excited...so DO NOT DO LIKE ME. take your time and enjoy it. have a cigarette because this can be stressful.

4. et voila you have your own home made trench leather jacket. all you need now is to change some of the trimmings; i.e buttons etc. add a matching belt and your done. if you want this look and can't be bothered to make it yourself they are selling it in Zara at the moment, with a tan bodice and leather sleeves...very lovely...I don't know the price of it but you should pop down and have a look.

This is mine half done... still more work to do to it but having some drinks tonight so gotta go. It aint Burberry but it'll have to do for now.


--our wardrobe who art in my room, tidy by thy name--

This happens every now and again when I have time or feel that my life is a mess.. what better way to demolish this feeling than a wardrobe audit? you get rid of all the things that are taking up valuable space up. Finding old clothes in your wardrobe is like running into old lovers. You ask yourself...what did I every like about you, when were we ever compatible? but you know fine well that you keep them close in hope that you will rekindle some past love that you once had. But these are the days when you tell yourself enough is enough.. I must be rid of your existence; you no longer mean anything to me...but still in the back of your mind your thinking ' I would hate to see this on someone else' because you know there is that small chance that it might look a bit better on them. Sometimes you just have to go for it and deal with it.