Saturday, 19 June 2010


I've come back home for a week. Leaving the hectic London life for a calm relaxing Danish break. I only got my bike fixed the other day so I have yet to take pictures of any obscure adventures. However the follwing pictures are of the Centre of Copenhagen, which we call Byen, 'the city'. I forget sometimes how beautiful the city of CPH is especially during the summer. Wine, fruit and pizza a relaxing park (Kongens Have) followed by a short 2 mins walk to do some window shopping, stop for an Iceblend in Baresso and finally a piss up in a small secret pub/ where you can still smoke. AAAAHHHH the life. Goodness I sound like a fucking tour guide.. anyway enjoy, and best believe there are still more and more to come.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Degree Show piece

As the we get nearer to the beautiful summer weather this can only mean one thing. My education is coming to an end. Yes, my life 'in the real world' will commence any day now. This should occur within the next couple of weeks after a trip back home to Copenhagen.

Anywho- In this post I would like to share with you, my baby. The piece of work that Chris and I have been working on since February. Its been great and nerve wracking. Blood sweat and tears is a complete understatement- there have been days where vomiting out of shear nerves was the easiest options. Enjoy. To see more of our work please visit Chris&Andrew.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Saatchi Private View

A few weeks ago, Chris and I were invited to attend the 'British Art Now' Private view at the Saatchi Gallery. Once again I have failed my readers with my photography. I deeply apologise for the Blackberry camera pics and for my next post I will post better pictures of whatever I'm up to.

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Its been a WHILE since I last posted anything new. But here I am finally doing it. Obviously after finished my Uni work (or even my uni degree) I have...well lets just say I have been having a good time. Also, I was invited to attend a few private views (one of which was Saatchis 'British Art Now' ) and stupidly forgot my camera but have some shit pictures on my phone which I don't know are even worth uploading considering I was intoxicated with all the free champagne and white wine, never the less I will upload them as well as photos from my own private view.


The Beautiful ladies, and 2 gents of University of East London have recently had their Graduate Fashion Show, and let me tell you I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Unfortunately the photos are crap and doesn't do the outfits justice; but this is what happens when you give up 2 free VIP tickets to sit with your friends....thats just the kind of guy I am =).

Well done UEL Fashion 2010.