Thursday, 10 June 2010


Its been a WHILE since I last posted anything new. But here I am finally doing it. Obviously after finished my Uni work (or even my uni degree) I have...well lets just say I have been having a good time. Also, I was invited to attend a few private views (one of which was Saatchis 'British Art Now' ) and stupidly forgot my camera but have some shit pictures on my phone which I don't know are even worth uploading considering I was intoxicated with all the free champagne and white wine, never the less I will upload them as well as photos from my own private view.


The Beautiful ladies, and 2 gents of University of East London have recently had their Graduate Fashion Show, and let me tell you I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Unfortunately the photos are crap and doesn't do the outfits justice; but this is what happens when you give up 2 free VIP tickets to sit with your friends....thats just the kind of guy I am =).

Well done UEL Fashion 2010.

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