Wednesday, 27 April 2011

bear love

I want a bear severely...

and lets not forget our feline friends.....

and oh look is that the Hoff in the 80's hopping towards me???? oh no its just the slickest kangaroo in the f***ing world!

Monday, 25 April 2011


you know when you open fashion magazines or read blogs and you see things you want and cant afford your heart drops a bit. so you try your best to get these expensive looks for less; be it by making them
yourself, rummaging in charity shops or even, dare i say, go to primark. we try our best to dress how we  desire to be perceived. i have days when i want to look polished, i have days when i want to look like beggar, some days nothing is more comfortable then being naked without the stress of what to wear. however im not sure that too many people want to see me naked so for the days when i want to be dressed i attempt to replicate looks that i love with what i have in my wardrobe. here are my attempts:


shirt: h&m
jeans: primark
trench: burbbery
bag: pierre balmain
shoes: charity shop

now i know some of the things listed above sound expensive, but you'd be surprised what some people dontate to charity. the i got the Burberry trench for £5 and the Balmain bag for £0.50...yup thats right.. so i would advise you to go to cahrity shops that aren't really known and far away from the city.. 


i've had this hot pink and red fabric for a while. initially i wanted to make a reverse kimono for the summer with these to colours, then it turned into perhaps making a pair of shorts ( i need some more colour in my wardrobe) but now im thinking using the structured Jill Sander look, i might make a pleated t-shirt..thoughts?


top:  Monki
shorts: Levis
shoes: Vagabond

t-shirt: h&m
jeans: primark
vest: old leather jacket i cut up
bag: charity shop
shoes : Vagabond

Marc Jacobs has done it so simple for us to emulate. i would mix hard and soft fabrics, (leather and jersey) or tailored with baggy (fitted shorts with loose fitting tops) this is my favourite thing to do.



shirt: h&m
t-shirt: Monki
trousers: charity shop

for both MARNI and MSGM its all about two things. 1, earth tones, and 2 layer the bitch. once again as seen in MARC JACOBS too, its that tailored look with softer fabrics that make the look more easy going and laid back. and yes, i think its about time we brought man cluthes....


top: Morrissey 91 concert t shirt
trousers: topshop/kate moss
shoes: Vagabond

the king of edginess would be RICK OWEN. what i interrupt from this season was feminising a typically masculine look, which i love to do. he does this by creating draped and a-symmetrical tops . what i could make out of my wardrobe was this: my partners very old morrissey t-shirt (keep shirts that you love, no matter how old), fitted sequins jeans to fem it up a bit and finally, the icing on the cake, a pair of platforms. 


shirt: zara
sweater: vintage
jeans: primark
shoes: vintage 
jacket:  found it
vest:  topman
jeans: primark
shoes: Vagabond

versace, versace, versace, what can i say.. the days when you want to look like a million bucks, and yes a lot of guys have these days. i would say a mans Little Black Dress would be a fitted jacket. with a fitted jacket you can literally wear anything as grimy as you can and the jacket will still make it look like you've walked off the runway. again its that mix of tailoring and loose which creates comfortable and strong look


 and finally my own personal take on extra summering up this PRADA look. i thought after all the earth, dark, tones (JIL SANDER aside) i needed to finish this post with a little more hope, and plus i really wanted to get this t-shirt in there. its all about patterns and vibrant colours..

all these looks do not cost a fortune to obtain. patience and stamina is key... i wouldnt recommend to copy these outfits look for look, i just did it as an experiment in my wardrobe. remember fashion is individual so wear what you feel comfortable in not what is on trend..and you'll be surprised what you can find in charity shops. so if your thinking about getting rid of some clothes, GIVE IT TO CHARITY so people like me can find them and enjoy them! think of it as karma, you give, you receive. but before you give, let me know where you'll drop them off so that i can have first pick.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when i'm feeling sad...

...i simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad

............. few things that make me happy...