Monday, 29 November 2010

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

get yo weave did

It started in the summer of 2009. I was out at the Macbeth in Shoreditch and a friend of a friends at the time girl friend, was carrying this bag I was completely smitten by. I thought by the way the girl was dressed that it would be by some crazy high end fashion designer but after a few drinks and conversing with the young lady she confessed that it was purchased from IKEA. Being the sado that I am, the following day I forced a friend to some with me to the depths on Enflield to the IKEA to get this £3 pound bag. Yes thats right, £3 pound! This was a while back though, before this blog existed.

I love the idea of large scale weaving- it could be due to my fascination with squares and the equality within the shape, or it could be the simplicity of weaving with such a gorgeous outcome.

Anywhoooo- getting more and more into blogging, to my surprise I have seen a lot of weaving going on, from Sandra Backlunds ss11 collection, Alexander Mcqueens ss11 hairstyle, to art at the Frieze Art Fair (which I will blog later).


After buying my IKEA bag, I thought that I should give it a go myself and make my own woven t-shirt. I have yet to finish it.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Sunday, 10 October 2010


These are some snippets of some of my work that I had up in the 'NOWHERE NEAR' Exhibition. A few of us got together to see what we've been doing since we graduated.
of course due to the summer we've all been enjoying ourselves and trying our hardest to appreciate the weather without forgetting about our art work, so here are a few images of my work.

I have had this one issue of LOVE magazine, where some of the worlds super models posed in the nude. I cant really remember when this issue came out but since I got i wanted to incorporate some of these images in my work so i thought the 'NOWHERE NEAR' exhibition would be the greatest chance for me to finally go through with an idea i've had for a while.

We were always told that models are merely hangers for the designers to show off their garments, so I had mixed feelings about see these ladies nude in a fashion magazine. Not that I have a problem with nudity: i throughly enjoy it- just ask my friends. but I bought a fashion magazine to see fashion...the photographs of kate moss, lara stone, naomi campbell etc etc where beautifully taken, yet I felt somewhat cheated.

Much like the emperors new clothes, it wasn't until some thought i realised i had been fooled. It could have been the idea of being able to choose which super model you wanted on the cover of the magazine, some how implying that you are given a huge choice in how the magazine will effect your life- but finding out that they all consist of the exact same content. either way i don't mind when marketing scams me, if anything i find completely impressing, and thats why i had to do this piece. I felt it as my duty to dress these beautiful women. much like the little papers toys i had growing up of ladies were you layered other pieces of cut out garments to cloth them.

Tell me your thoughts.


Friday, 1 October 2010


Watched this film last night.. if you haven't watched yet i would advice you to.

/getting ready/

my work

Since I've been back in London, I (together with my flat mates) have been getting ready for this years booked exhibitions at our gallery. What we've got on this week is 'N O W H E R E N E A R' exhibition, unfortunately tonight is our last night of the show so feel free to pop down.

Here are a few snippets of when we were curating the place well into the late long hours of the night. Towards the end I envied my cat for sleeping- at least he kept us company.

check out the exhibition on Ground Floor Left.