Tuesday, 30 August 2011

foam is where the heart is

 I am starting to obsess about these tops made from foam.. call me slow or what have you but they are quite clever when you think about it. they are structured, simple, and very light to wear. so you could throw it on top of anything to complete a look without being to chunky or in the way of the rest of the outfit- and another great thing is that the foam fabric keeps you warm...fashion and function. we've seen these so far in the AW11 collections for both COS and Marni

I cant wait to get my hands on the grey one with the graphics worn by Susie Bubble in this post. 


Friday, 26 August 2011

high hopes accomplished

Lordy lord, hallelujah and amen I did it! I got my shoes inspired by the once longing for Prada platform! BUT A SIZE TOO SMALL!...can I do it??....oh you better believe I can and will.... nothing a little wet newspaper stuffed in the shoe wont fix ( little trick for expanding leather).

Yes my dears these puppies were bought online from the Swedish website MODEKUNGEN ( translated in English to The Fashion King). The great thing about having Egyptian parents, being born and raised in Copenhagen and now living in London is that you get the best of all the cultures, but more importantly the fashion...just kidding...culture is more important, or equally?....well actually I don't know; some times I see some cultures and would rather have a Tee by Wang than get involved in troublesome shit....call me shallow if you will- I just call it peaceful; I guess you can call me the Fashion Gandhi. I have my own Satyagraha, I go on fashion strikes when fashion isn't doing what its meant to, urging those not to buy for consumerism purposes but to buy for ones-self.. the truth has been spoken. 

Anyway have a look at the new member of my platform family, and sorry about my chicken like ankles...another Gandhi attribute.



a small tip goes a long way

Having been working in a place where any form of expression via clothing is prohibited and spending the majority of my week there, buying new things has been very difficult. You always have to ask yourself, before spending money, 1) will I be allowed to wear this at work... 2) will I get told off by my managers.....3) will I be sent home (hopefully yes) 4) will I get fired? these are all incredibly silly questions you have to go through when you work in a retail.. so to keep everyone happy and the money flowing monthly one must be clever but without losing who you are, and compromising anything for anyone no matter how much money you might be getting.

SO far, the best thing I found to lighten up my drab and dreary suits are these fittingly elegant, Balenciaga inspired collar tips from ASOS. Although there were a lot of problems with them at first (which ASOS helped sort out as quick as they could) I finally got my pair and to be honest it was definitely worth the wait.

What do you guys think?because I'm satisfied..

Friday, 19 August 2011