Thursday, 6 June 2013

Another dreaded summer day

Finally the summer has hit London town; the girls are half naked, the hot men are out of hibernation and the city is ready to go. The sun has an incredible power to make everything look better, from the streets to run down buildings and sometimes that weird homeless man that pisses on everything.

Although the sun is out, we here in London never really know how long it lasts for; probably a few hours, days, and if we're lucky a few weeks... but lets not jinx it. On a these gracious days, I put my layering aside and delve into simple attire, keeping it subtle with shorts and a t-shirt. But that's not how I ROLL! So in an attempt to spice up my outfits I look for things like jewellery (which will be another post) or hats ( this post). This year I have really been thinking a lot about hats and the lack there of. They are extremely difficult to pull off yet they can really complete a look. I wish more people would were hats. There is an infinite amount of styles and shapes to fit everyone's awkwardly shaped head! So lets go for it guys! lets go crazy. Let the sun frazzle your brain and in that state of insanity, buy a hat!

Here are my two picks for this summer:

Reverting back to my youth, the collaboration with New Era and Kenzo evokes my bad-ass teenage ghetto life. Awww the good old days, when you thought skipping school in baggy trousers and smoking in graveyards was the bee knees. 

Another option, for the more mature or the more dressy up summer days is this sexual hat I bought from a small town in Spain last year. I haven't had the chance to wear it yet, but I'm thinking today might be the day. 

Very Saint Laurent, but very poor quality as its a novelty hat, but hey, who is going to come up THAT close to me to see how its made? If anything it embodies a playful summer day. Not too uptight, if it gets messed up, it only cost me €5 so I wont be losing much, except of course for the memory of the trip...catch 22. Lets just keep our fingers crossed hope that I don't lose it or ruin it.