Thursday, 17 March 2011

A little something something I picked up from the charity shop down the road from where I live. when i saw them i immediately thought of the Henrik Vibskov A/W10 and A/W11 collections. Obviously not as over the top, just more subtle.

my dreams were crushed when i put them on and realised how small they were. the arms of the glasses weren't exactly long enough (or maybe my nose is just too big). but either way they fit alright just not 120% comfortable but you cant really go wrong when they were only £1.
I think they had more of a John Lennon vibe to them than Henrik Vibskov's surreal flair. I think what made me think that they were out of this world was the fine details around the frames and the arms, and the tortoise shell ends. i saw them more as a combination of great old school finish with a contemporary feel. contemporary in the sense that i can see a designer less flamboyant than Vibskov re-visiting this 60's/70's feel and finishing a pair of glasses like these in the same way.

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