Monday, 14 March 2011

It must seem like my birthday is never ending, but i'm sure this will be the last post about it. anywho, the necklace above was a present from two my beautiful friends Michelle & Rosie. they got it from a charity shop in Hastings. Its a gorgeous necklace from the 70's with what feels like fox fur, lazer cut suede leaves and large cork and wooden beads. when i received it, immediately put it on and spent the whole drunken night prancing around in it. unfortunately i dont feel i did complete justice to such a statement piece so i'm thinking to myself what other options i might have for next time i wear it and here are a few.....

option one is the simple cut but colourful. above we have a few selections from Zara and below we have a more structured textured version of this by Jil Sander. this will obviously make the necklace stand out and give it its own presence at the same time not taking too much away from the strong block colours.....

option two, which was my first option, is matching it with more knitted patterns, and who better did that this season then Missoni? buttoned up shirt under the collar, the necklace would add more texture but blend in and pick up tones from the clothes itself....

either option i came to the conclusion that these Jil Sander shoes are a must! it would tidy up both looks and still introducing a touch more colour to the ensemble.

I would personally go for the green soles....they are by far my favourite...I think a new obsession has commenced.

what say you?


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