Thursday, 12 February 2015

You Gon Hurt Yo Back Like Dat

So in my last two posts, I embarked on a life altering journey- the figuring out "what I am doing in life" kind of journey.

In any spiritual journey we are told to 'get rid' of material possessions, people who aren't good for you and surround yourself with the things that make you happy. Unfortunately the world that I live in, people are innocent until proven guilty (so I force myself to give them the benefit of the doubt), and I feel slightly uneasy without certain material possessions that I own. This would be completely different if I lived in a small island somewhere, with no care and no hardship... alas, I have chosen to live in the wonderful city of London where money dictates your joy, your looks, and your ability to let loose. 

Throughout my journey thus far, I've realised that my possessions that have truly come to my rescue are........... my bags. Ones bag consists of everything that we (think) need. See it as a metaphor for ourselves, an outer shell, if you will.  

Look at this way. You ARE the bag, everything in the bag is all the small quirks, kinks, etc that make you up. i.e how you perceive yourself or how others perceive you.

Now my bag, however, contains:
  • Reading books (I always carry two depending on my mood), 
  • Note book, 
  • Agenda, 
  • Sketch book, 
  • Fashionary, 
  • Large pencil case, in case I decide to water colour on the tube (which has yet to happen), 
  • iPad, 
  • Reading glasses, 
  • Sunglasses (for when the sun comes out...never, but a bitch gots ta be prepared)  
  • Always a random small trinket that puts a smile on my face when im angrily rummaging through my bag.
This is what I refer to as my B.J bag.. don't get too excited B.J = Before Journey.

What does this bag say about me? I would like to think; full of ideas, eager, wants to be inspired, and have very light sensitive eyes. What would other people think of me when looking through my bag? artsy hipster dick. But oh well, I AM my bag.

I would say my B.J bag was fairly organised. I knew where everything was and those days my bags were more totes than weekend bags.

Nowadays the bags have become bigger my life a bit more hectic. So in addition to all the above, throw products in there, clothing, shoes etc the bag becomes a mobile room- ready to change into outfits at any point depending on where I was sleeping, and also keeping all my things in one place so my things didn't overflow into the people and friends who were kind enough to let me stay in their places, personal space- because I am a considerate mo fo like that. But god damn talk about carrying around baggage eh, Call me the fucking Mary Poppins of Fashion, with the bag that keeps giving.

The great news is, I will have my own place at the end of the month! whoop whoop! finally I can leave my baggage at home like the rest of us.

So this post is an homage to the bags that got me through this little bump on my journey.

1. My large Longchamp:

My flexible travel buddy: we had a great time me and Longchamp. He took a few hits, I wasn't always as kind as I should have been to him, but he understood. We were handle in hand a lot of the time and when he couldn't bare the weight, I was more than happy to carry him like a child. I love him, so much so that I feel he might need a personalised brother:

2. My delicate Christian Louboutin:

Sensitive and demands attention, my Syd bag by Christian Louboutin also took a slight beating, which is quiet visible- serves me right for getting him in white. However, very robust and easy to carry either by its delicate handles or its strong straps as a backpack, giving me the option of taking its front pouch off and using it as a small man bag....who are we kidding? a clutch, I use it as a clutch bag so the fuck what?

Unfortunately the Syd bag is no longer available in this shape.. The new shape definitely seems like it could potentially take a beating or beat the shit out of someone else. My kind of bag.

So to conclude; in order to actually progress in your life, you need to look back and see what has been holding you back/down and get rid of it. Too much baggage weighs you down. Living out a suitcase is never fun. We are people that can't go without different clothes, underwear, combs brushes, etc etc etc..not for necessarily superficial reasons...but for hygienic reasons. Use your bag as another metaphor for your life, what do you want to carry with you, emotionally/physically?  What do you want to let go of and leave behind? - Your bag represents you, inside and out. Don't carry around unnecessary bullshit that is only taking up space, treat your bag (you) well and fill it up with what fulfills you- but whatever you do, wear a fucking fierce bag and make them eat it!


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