Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What a ball ache

Some of them are mighty, some of them are smooth, some can be intimidating and others can be well groomed. I can only be talking about one thing...well no, this can be a few things really...but I am talking about what has been continuously popping up on my newsfeed during the recent Men's Fashion Week antics. 

Im not one to repeat what everyone else has already said so, I wont. I'm sure that once you see the few images I've put up you'll disregard any of the writing or maybe this whole post completely. However I do feel this is something that must be discussed and not made a mockery of or thought of as yet another 'outrageous designer' going to far.

We (the voices in my head and I) are referring to the penis filled show Rick Owens show. So yes; he had a few willies flopping around the catwalk...so what? The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of people in the world who have them. Call me old fashioned- but maybe it's because I posses one myself, but I just dont seem to see what the problem is. I mean, are we not trying to free the nipple? Why should we discriminate and not free willy too?  We cant expect one gender to progress and hinder the other. Are we not living in a time were both genders take each other hand in hand and attempt to achieve the best for each other? What everyone seemingly missed out on was the fact the pieces in the show were absolutely stunning! Beautiful draping, mixed texture and fabulous silhouettes, all the makings of a good show, (and yes the controversy as well: lets not pretend it didn't add a little bit extra meat to the show).

Controversy is what makes fashion- its not all pretty things, florals ball gowns for women and tailored suits for men, its a form of art. It is supposed to make you feel something; angry, peace, etc etc. This isn't the first time Rick Owens had a controversial show or any other designer for that matter. This has been ongoing for centuries- how do you think we got to wear what we do today? Controversy! If that wasn't the case, women would still be in wearing corsets and bloomers and men would be in top hats and canes...maybe we shouldn't have disregarded ALL of the past- I would kill for a good top hat. Either way that was just one century that evolved from another, and another and another. 

We need to stop looking at this as joke and truly delve into what these designers are insinuating about todays society. It's not as simple as just getting a dick out. Vivienne Westwood was queen of this before, and have we forgotten Alexander McQueens Highland Rape collection, showcasing distraught vulnerable models walking down the catwalk? Strong work, powerful even- it makes you feel something. People continuously complain about how shallow the fashion world is, yet become highly critical and judgmental when designers push boundaries, or when they make people think. Society has placed fashion in a box of unimportant luxury, only for the few, but doesn't art do the same? I dont exactly have Francis Bacon art work hanging in my home, but it wont stop from going to see any of his work in museums, it does not make sense to me. 

I understand that a few designers do not consider themselves as artists, which is fair. But as a fashion spectator I am expressing what resonates within me when I see a collection, a show or when reading an interview with one of these designers.

From penises to butt plugs, the designer love of my life, Walter Van Bierendonck, colourfully expressed himself as he always does. Once again, a show that was discussed over an over again due to his use of butt plug accessories completely forgetting the combinations of prints and gorgeous oversized ponchos and wonderfully printed jackets and coats, not to mention the transparent tops with 'controversial' writing.

We as a nation/society/unit/people need to start truly using our minds and souls before passing judgment on these collection. Its not all fun and games, a lot of time and effort and thought goes into these shows overflowing with concepts and comments of how the world truly is at the moment. In a few decades from now we wont be seeing a tailored suit in museums representing 2015, we'll be seeing pieces and outfits like this, contributing to the evolution of fashion.  

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