Sunday, 3 February 2013

Truth & simplicity

First and fore most let me apologise for the lack of posts, life has taken over and I have been forced to take on a full time job where all my spare time is spent on eating or sleeping. If only there were more hours in the day.

For a while now, fashion lovers have desired the effortlessly simple Celine T-shirt. Like all things in luxury fashion, one had to be quick to purchase this simple and chic piece.

Now for those of us that lacked the funds or weren't quick enough to get our hands on the t shirt, designers have come up with a way to create these tshirts with our loved logos on them but come with a joke like twist. Enter Michael Agwunobi. With a fashion sense of humour there is no wonder why his t-shirts have to be constantly restocked on his website with a great client list like Rihanna.

Now more recently after a previous article I wrote for Men's Fashion Magazine regarding the change of the Saint Laurent logo, a new t-shirt has been introduced to the market. Clever, witty and some what true, the 'ain't Laurent' t-shirts convey what a lot of fashion followers feel about the brands new identity yet is never really talked about in the industry.

Both are also a comment on fashion. Not done in a very f.p.c ( fashion politically correct), but speaks volumes of truth. Lining up the but the bitches to buy a tshirt that is sooo simple and easy to make with a price tag of your monthly food shop, and the other expressing what we all think about a logo that has been with us for decades, and taken away from us so abruptly like death of its founder.

One ironic and the other true.. For those of us with a humble income that appreciate designers and fashion and find it more than just clothes we wear to keep warm, this pieces are a new start to an suave anarchistic change. A new side of fashion is emerging and I don't think it'll be pretty. But so far it's been brutally honest and clever.


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