Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Comfort is where the sole is

Day in and day out I run up and down steps, walk for hours and am on my feet constantly for my job. Adorned in spikes, snake skin or the finest of leathers, my feet get to live in the lap of luxury while I am constantly reminded of how wearing tight shoes might ruin ones feet in the long run. However this is how I like my shoes. Call me masochistic if you will but I do love getting my shoes a half or full size smaller as I believe they last longer and make my feet look more in proportion with the rest of my petite fisique.

Now the thing is this; when the day ends and my once lavished feet are ready to commence their long journey home, I take off the snake skins keep them safe for another day and put my feet in something supposedly more comfortable shoes.

For a while the trainers, sneakers, plimsolls DM's, boots etc etc etc never really did the trick. My feet would still not feel the ease that everyone says they are meant to. So after thinking long and hard I decided to go back to my past. Remembering what shoes used to make me feel uber comfortable.

Much like all of you  I had fashion transformations; ghetto, skater, indie boy, preppy, grungy- which is why I like clothing, design etc because looking back you can always see who you were and where you've gotten to until this point, and trust me even though you might think you are not part of a group, someone will always label you, and once you're labeled, your subconscious frustration will make you move on to something new.

Anyway whilst thinking about my previous styles and phases, I remembered an argument I had with my mother ( nothing new) at the age or 15. She continuously attempted to throw out my favourite pair of shoes away and I would always find them in the bin. Now let me just let you know that I have never been a unwashed, dirty teenager. I bathed regularly and did take care of my appearance, having said that; there were a pair of shoes that I wore until they were completely cut up, whole infested and all in all just horrendous, yet they were the most comfortable of shoes. These were my black and white checkered slip-on VANS. At the age of 15 having begged and pleaded for these shoes, I remember the abuse I would get for wearing them. People didn't seem to understand the checkered pattern, but I believed there was something very serene and yin and yang about them (thats me tapping into my early Deepak Chopra). Although the harass from what is now known to be one of the biggest fashion capitals in Europe did not stop every time I wore these shoes, I did not mind, as I knew and truly felt I had the happiest feet in all of Copenhagen.

So dear readers, 10 (nearly 11) years later, after remembering my happiest feet moment, I realised that although I sometimes choose to forget the past, sometimes the small things that creep up, creep up for a reason. They remind you about good times and how you have become who you are today. Therefore I have succumbed to going back to my checkered VANS, the best shoe I had in my life. The one that made me stand up for ridiculous comments, step on negative thoughts and arise to my stronger self at the same time whilst being incredibly comfortable. 

I am not the only one who has picked up on this. High end Luxury designers have done so too. effortlessly chic Celine, constantly creative Christian Louboutin, and a collaboration with an homage to vintage Hermes. The cloud like pillowed soles have made their way in to high fashion, it doesn't necessarily mean it will take over, it just means you have more options to play footsie.


Celine, Pony Hair & Snake Skine

Christian Louboutin, Roller Boat 

VANS & Hermes Collaboration.



  1. I might not be a fashion forward person but I love your blog!

    1. You don't have to be fashion forward! Thank you! keep following!