Friday, 16 November 2012


It was 6:00 am and after a night of white wine, Champagne, red wine and whiskey, the last thing I wanted was an early start the following day. After a drunken conversation with my friend Sabrina while intoxicated, I thought it would be a fabulous idea to meet her at the crack of dawn after a debaucherous night. The phone rang at 6 and luckily, I was still drunk so it felt as if everything was still a dream, and it probably wasn't too far from. 

We didn't have to queue for hours in the cold, we were respectful given wrist bands and where told to come back 5 minutes before it was our time and like clock work, we followed instuctions. There was no pushing no banging no shouting or hollering. Simple. 10 mins to browse and shop, you can only select one one item per style, fair and simple.     

Still drunk from the night before, I bought what I wanted (minus the over-sized watch face bracelet, as I missed it). We headed up to the stylish Selfridge's  fitting rooms (with cameras in them to take photos of what your wearing and send to a friend)  to try on our new purchases and this is what we got. 

So what better way to celebrate a successful Maison Martion Margiela/ H&M day then with a cigarette and lunch. An all in all perfect day- good company, fine purchases (minus the bracelet) and nice food. I wonder who is doing the next H&M collaboration, please make it good like Margiela- creative designers should be more accessible to the high street! well maybe only once in a while, or else they will lose some value. Either way I'm glad with this collaboration. Totally worthwhile and spot on!