Saturday, 17 November 2012

dressed to kill

This all started when I first saw the Balmain collection. Heavily embellished, very structured  somewhat armor like, the Balmain 12-13 collection blow me away. Since then I pondered on how this effeminate look can be translated into menswear? Then a small trip to Spain reminded me that its has already been done! Matadors have been adorning appliqued, embellished uniforms for decades.

In the beautiful city of Nerja, I, together with my partner and his parents, enjoyed the last of the sun, great food and drinks with a constant view of the stunning Mediterranean sea. Little did I know that I would see something that will not only inspire me for my next StitchUp London collection but it made me even contemplate moving to Spain. It's weird the effect clothes have on me, I barely understand it myself.

In a wonderfully elaborate hotel Chris and I came a across this beautiful Matador custom. A piece so stunning, that I had to try to take as many pictures to try to do it justice. In a glass box, treat as if it where a masterpiece, there it stood right by the reception commanding attention, and that is what it got.

Every individual tiny detail in this one piece can create the most romantic collection. So obviously designers have already picked up on this and here are a few things that are my personal favourites.
Lets start with the A.F Vandevorst shoes and make our way through to Balmain.

Unfortunately I couldn't find a Matador jacket to take back with me so I opted for the Spanish Sombrero. This does not mean that my quest for the jacket has ended- this is just the first chapter of my journey to get it. To be continued.

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