Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Pleats Pleats Please Let me Get What I Want This Time

And so I eventually got what I want...Good evening all. I know it has been a while since i last posted something but working in retail, especially during this horrific period, gives one absolutely no time to do, well, blog, write, read, or do anything that you might enjoy doing. Its not solely the jobs fault, its because the job puts you in such a foul mood where all you want to do is sleep just so the day can come to an end as soon as possible and let the following crap day to commence. 

On a lighter note- during a day at work, I was informed about the Issey Miyake sample sale off Bond Street. I rushed there immediately during my sad 60 minutes break where I was greeted by this beautiful Pleats Please bag. 

Originally, having spotted the larger black bag a few months earlier, that was the one I wanted- however staying true to myself  through my past articles/blog-posts I decided to opt for something with a little bit of colour...and this is what I bought.


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