Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Just what the Doctor ordered

for my handsome man's birthday i decided to treat him to a new pair of shoes. if you have been on this blog before and seen my earlier posts, I had blogged about these pony skin Dr.Matrens briefly ( by briefly I mean added their picture to the 'all i want for Christmas' post) Although I initially wanted them for myself, the good-hearted me, Andrew Demetry, decided to put my needs and wants aside and give someone special something that i found incredibly beautiful knowing of course that it was something that he wanted too.

a week later, after getting the boyfriend on his train home for Christmas, I decided to walk down to Primrose hill to check out a gallery that I had heard of...there I came across Mary Portas' Charity Shop and guess what i found? that's right- I found myself some delicious unworn Dr.Martens for £50. BARGAIN. so now we have his and his D.M's how sweet/gay/lovely/tacky....either way, both our feet are warm.


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