Sunday, 15 August 2010

blogger boot camp

I, together with my friend Sherin, attended the first ever 'Blogger boot camp' which was held during Copenhagen Fashion Week at Terminal 2. The bloggers giving the lecture were no other that Pelayo from KateLovesMe, Yvan Rodic from Facehunter and Yvan Rodic, Fiona from Spotding Hanneli from Hanneli and the bloggers for MinOutfit and LesMads. It was an alright lecture...I dont think there were enough questions being asked by the audience which kinda made some of the bloggers a little bit uncomfortable. However my all time favourite was Yvan Rodic with his Power Point presentation full of wisdom. It was great; after the lecture Sherin and I walked around got some free goody bags and best of all free vodka and Champagne. What a delightful day.

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