Tuesday, 31 August 2010

-andrewgyny- part one

Right ladies and gentleman, lases and lads, madame's and sirs- Papa (by Papa I mean me) got paid today and since its been...well I honestly I don't remember buying anything that made me feel this way in a while, so we'll just say a long time- I felt like I deserved something a little special.

I have seriously,no joke, been eyeing this shoes for the past 2 months hoping that if I kept going to visit them in the shop, me and them would form this unspoken beautiful friendship that only the touch of its suede on my hand and my hand on the suede could fully understand and complete. And I guess it worked- it took all of 10 minutes to try them, walk around the shop, and pay the super friendly cashier who didn't even flinch whilst I pranced around the shop in the new female Autumn/Winter VAGABOND boots.

I have had to resort to buying extravagant women's clothes. I mean I've always bought womens jumpers, tee's, trousers etc. but in my eyes that's just unisex clothing that's just a bit more interesting than mens' dull shit, but for a while now after obesssesing over Henrik Vibskov exciting patterns, Wooyoungmi simple yet extremely effective designs, Jil Sanders energetic colours- god the list can go on- I've decided I am just going to have buy the closest things to these designers on a budget to satisfy my needs. - its just such a shame that there are no high street men shops that actually contemplate any aspect of design, so I must find my Vibskov, Vuitton etc. in lady shops..ooohhh I guess that makes me a lady boy.

ANYWAY- Rant done. so, mesdames et messieur allow me to present, my Autumn/Winter take on the gorgeous Wooyoungmi thick wooden soled shoes-

Much love


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