Thursday, 16 June 2011

high hopes

My obsession with platforms is getting worse. And some designers aren't making my life any easier when they produce more and more platform shoes. Since I first laid my eyes on Wooyoungmi's wooden platforms in ss2010, I have been trying my hardest to recreate the look at an affordable price. The following shoes however have completely blown me away, unfortunately they are only available in the Prada shop in Milan or by getting them customised online on www.prada.com. Honestly it doesn't look like i'll be galavanting to Milan anytime soon and  I sure don't have £510-£550 to spend on a pair of new shoes so I need to think of my plan of action on how to get my hands on these puppies. One can only dream about them til then.

Now my only complaint about these shoes is that above we have the women's ones and below the men's.. can you spot the difference? As usual the women's come with a little extra something something and that's the joyous colourful lines on the platform.. now why doesn't the men's come with that? originally, if i remember correctly, the men's shoes on the catwalk also had this extra spark of fun on them but once again men are discriminated and producers believe that men enjoy fading in the background in terms of fashion!! I am putting my would be Prada platformed  foot down and only buying women's clothing until men designers sort their shit out...It s annoying enough men don't have the variety that women do and now when something good comes along we have to share it with the female sex! Its bad enough they are taking our men from us and making them straight, and now they wont even let us have a little fun with our clothing without them huffing and puffing until they get exactly what we have! Deal with it women! men too like fashion- let men wear colours, experiment, and enjoy fashion just as much as you do!


-A x

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