Tuesday, 7 June 2011

cph so far

Last Sunday while doing their monthly shop,my parents rang me franticly about a flea market taking place by the train station by where we live in Copenhagen. considering it was a Sunday and extremely hot I was hungover, half naked and sun bathing in the balcony. It was just my luck as I was actually getting bored of doing nothing so I jumped on my bike and here's what it looked like. 

In true Danish style, everything was extremely organised and stylish. The clothes were so on trend and recent that people were walking away with barely touched ACNE carrier bags. Some of the clothing I saw there were just unbelievable. So next time your down in Copenhagen, don't turn your nose up at these flea markets because you could get a whole new wardrobe for less than £100. 

Here are two finds from the flea market and two from the high street. Can you guess what is what? 

and the answer is....

flea market: White t-shirt 10DKK(obviously) + Boots 100DKK(amazing)
high street: tan see-through t-shirt from WEEKDAY 40DKK (i <3) Earrings, Designer 250DKK (worth it) 

In true Andrew style, I 'splurged' on the detailing - jewellery. I did this only because I have been looking at a lot of earrings lately and there really hasn't been anything that truly tickled my fancy from London to Copenhagen...until I laid my eyes on these darlings. And of course, being an impulsive shopper I was tired of looking.


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