Sunday, 16 January 2011


I love being 23 with a 12 year old's body.....or do i?- well, with everything that you aren't too happy with about yourself you got to find a way to make it work some how,right? So usually how I make it work, I leave the drab and dreary monotone men's clothes and opt for the androgyny look. What better way to go for the androgyny look then Proenza Schoulers pre-spring collection 2011? Great colours, textures and I love the loose fit and oversized tailored combo.. definitely doing this look when it gets un peu warmer.


pics from www.booyouwhore.com


  1. not gonna lie, not the biggest fan of it for women, but i think on guys, it could totally rock. is there a reason proenza doesn't do menswear?

  2. thats what im saying!- this collection needs to be with us with penises!- at least this section,because the rest of it is very girly...maybe proenza is just showing a merger of the sexes....