Thursday, 13 January 2011

-the air is on fire-

Whilst in Copenhagen I was glad to hear that David Lynch’s ‘The Air is on Fire’ was on at Gl. Strand Gallery. The exhibition consisted of Lynchs art work from when he was younger until more recent pieces. Imagine walking through a troubled Childs mind whose parents are at their wits end with him continuously decapitating his siblings’ toys and ruining their relationship in a sinisterly sly manner; this was how the exhibition felt.

Initially thinking that it would be a self indulgent exhibition, I was completely surprised. The exhibition showed a deep understanding of fine art. His sketches (as well as some pieces) showed studies that resembled Francis Bacon figures floating in oblivion. Each room showed different stages of Lynchs phases of art, from large canvas brought to life by adding 3 dimensional, what could have been, papier-mâché /wire to minute sketches on math stick boxes everything had life.

His photography was very reminiscent of that of Joel-Peter Witkins photographs turning people into deformed creatures, at the same time moving away from static imagery.

I would say what put a smile on my face the most were the buttons scattered around the rooms that played the different droning sounds that we know David Lynch for. Although there was a lot of work obviously inspired by other artists, the touch of these buttons was the one thing that I felt was 100% Lynch, and also I am a sucker for interactive pieces.

It all made sense; the whole exhibition as a whole gave an insight to Lynchs mind from the beginning. He had no problem admitting that he had been inspired by others; this unapologetic exhibition was one of the best I have seen in a while. It had no pretence it was what it was; David Lynch tell his viewers how he thinks, what inspires him, which artist he likes, and putting a Lynch twist on works that inspire him. I would recommend this to everyone. It has pieces that evoke all emotions, fear, boredom, humour, hate even. Even his light pieces and etched mirrors gave the Hollywood glamour that lynch is so obsessed and known for.

This was my sad attempt to tell who ever is reading this that it’s definitely a must see exhibition when it comes anywhere near you.


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