Wednesday, 8 July 2015

// doug abraham //

Fashion marketing seems to have taken the simplistic approach to advertising as of late, which I believe is incredible.

Terry Richardson’s continuous collaborations with strong fashion brands, the coolest designers and models, has given fashion the youthful playful sense that also allows it to be more accessible.  Each picture gives you the feeling that they were taken whilst drinking at home with friends and one thing leads to another and guys end up naked playing dress up with the skimpiest outfits you have, channelling your inner porn star. Don’t pretend you haven’t done it. Everyone is playing around with the “Terry Richardson” style of over exposure.  

This is brilliant technic because it gives that element of the unpolished and the exposed in such a refined and over thought industry.

More campaigns are going this way to demonstrate that source bit of edge that everyone obsessed with fashion wants.
From commercial campaigns to experimental artists using fashion more and more as their subject matter in sculpture and other medias, I came across the brilliant Doug Abraham. His collages speak for themselves. Combining high fashion campaigns with cuts from x-rated images, cartoons, images of rioters, thieves the list goes on and on. Subtlety merging the two creating a sense of harmony between commerciality and how brutal and over sexed of the world may be. His work seems to be the balancing between reality and fashion.

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