Friday, 12 April 2013

Jesus, Mary & Joesph

Holy moly, praise Jesus and deliver us from evil. In correlation with the cuming, sorry I mean coming of the new pope, we have seen religious iconography appear on fashion attire. Givenchy obviously stole the show continuing their bold prints that are ever so well translated into men's fashion, darkening their mood in what can be seen as a Corrado Giaquinto painting battling between good and evil.

Having said that, there seems to be a design team that people seem to be too terrified to discuss in fear of the Vatican striking them down. Good thing I'm here. Dolce & Gabbana absolutely crucified this seasons menswear, in a good way, not the stigmata kinda way, that's just a bit horrid. No one really wants to think of getting their clothes bloody after some weird religious experience. They never mention that in the bible do they?

The pubescent models is what did it for me, and no, not in a sexual way. They all had a sense of innocence to them that has been completely misused, baring the burden of the religious imagery on their chest that I'm sure a few of us know the feeling of too well. Once joyed of the idea of being protected by a higher power, disheartened by the truth these alter boys walk down the catwalk with a sadness, fear and loneliness in their eyes. It is beautiful. Now this is a comment of society today via fashion like we haven't seen in a while. Pure brilliance.

Not to mention the choice proportion of the garments. Dolce & Gabbana forget their sheers and tight fits and seek the over powering over sized tops submerging their fragile models in an image they can not yet fathom. Love love LOVE the concept and the execution of the pieces and the whole show. Romantic, drastic, truthful and beautiful.


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