Wednesday, 27 June 2012

-Daniel Pollitt-

I do realise it has been a while since I've written anything on my blog, but this is purely because there hasn't been much to write about. Collections look the same, colours seem flat and it seems that more and more fashion is loosing any form of individualism. So where best to look at new designs??? 

Ladies and gents, its that time of year when Fashion graduates start to emerge from beneath their toiles, cut up by their pattern cutting flats, with their once soft hands hardened by sewing needles and the feel of pins piercing through a few layers of skin of their fingers becomes reminiscent of a tender lick of a cats rough tongue.

This can only mean one thing, someone has done a good job.

An amazingly cut collection, by Daniel Pollitt, showing fashion a modern look into the future. 

The RCA student plays with the concept of evolution, transforming a complex thought into soft flowing pieces of art. Jackets water falling down the torso, structured tops, the collection as a whole toys with the illusion of the hard and soft.  


"The main inspiration behind this collection came from a music video by the band Slayer- Beauty Through Order. Within the video an almost nude woman is covered in treacle which creates a beautiful dark liquid gloss against her bare flesh. As the video builds and the treacle begins to drip from her, light behind pierces through creating these extremely intense Reds, Oranges, Yellows and Ambers. I decided to use this as my colour palette which I had printed and covered with plastic 
vinyl to replicate the seductive tones from the video. 

The Collection was also a continuation of a previous collection where I became fascinated with Whale Anatomy. I began to fantasize about what our bodies might look like today had we not started wearing clothing or covering our bodies. Would we have all died out or might our skin have adapted or transformed. 

My Silhouettes and shapes mostly came from the work of Sculptor's Tony Cragg and Naum Gabo. The use of line and fluidity within Gabo's Sculptures capture excitation frozen in time like snap shots of inanity. Hence the use of Gabo's powerful unrestrained lines as a basis to create sculptures that I wanted to fuse seamlessly within garments, also with the ability to fasten and keep them closed. Beauty through order also symbolizes a journey and process of becoming today's one natural self."

-Daniel Pollitt

Sophisticated and up to date, Pollitt's MA collection introduces an eye catching contrasting colour pallet to his sleek forms. In turn making this an easy to wear collection and yet gives his ladies a certain 'je ne sais quoi'.

Combining patent leather, liquid jersey and stretched vinyl with more traditional fabrics such has wool and suede gives this collection the sense of pure elegance with the hard edge that a power house women desires, softened even more with the weaved horsehair.

A complete and polished collection that I'm sure will inspire.

For inquires about the garments contact Daniel Pollitt on: pollittd@hotmail.com 


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