Friday, 17 February 2012

Louboutin's, Make it last

It has finally happened. on the 20th Anniversary of the brilliant Christian Louboutin I, for my 25th (and late Christmas present) was graced with beautiful killer loafers. I have wanted them for heaven knows how long and after my boyfriend had told me that they would be a present for me I immediately got myself on 3 waiting lists around London for them.. I have never really done anything like this before...waiting lists, paying 2 months rent on a pair of shoes: however, call me shallow if you will, but it was the first thing that put a smile on my face in a while. 

It could have been the idea that my gorgeous lover even contemplated getting me them and i felt uber loved; it could have been that sense of relief when you want something so bad and you try to devise ways of getting them but the only solution you have is turning trick for a couple of nights in the seedy streets of London. Either way I got them, I did feel a bit guilt after wearing them for the first time and the red soles were scratched; but everyone that has a pair says it fine and its what happens. 

Lets not beat around the bush here- my life style does not entail being driven around, to fancy carpeted  events (well not all the time)- i'm more of a walking to my destinations type of guy, to derelict buildings that usually ends up with me not remembering what occurred the following morning; having said that I always try to look hot. Anyway, its safe to say that the red soles will not last for too long if i wear them too much whatever i do, even if it were for a snazzy event i would still have to go out and introduce the red soled beauts to the concrete as they have yet to allow smoking inside.

lets just make them last as long as we can.


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