Wednesday, 23 November 2011

the devil is in the details

Lets face it- working in retail aint too great; however where I work sometimes we are treated to delicious deals that semi make us forget the crap hours, vile customers and being spoken to like a pubescent teenager.

Anyway, lets stay positive: so when we the staff were offered to purchase ANY pair of sunglasses or reading glasses for only £60 I was in heaven... mind you I had double of that left in my account to live off for 2 weeks and with my drinking/eating/shopping problem £60 was not enough to live on.. However I had an annoying voice in my head that kept telling me 'you only live once, when will this opportunity come again?' this was obviously my shopping addiction, who throughout the years has become the closest friend of all my addictions; somehow always knowing how to make me happy....although at times admitting that he had got things wrong but when he gets it right, oh my oh my how he gets it right.

Anyway I was lured into a small room behind the glasses department were every designer under the sun lay in glasses form, relaxing waiting to be wanted and appreciated. But there was nothing. The deal was on for 3 days and everyday they would replenish the tables with new sunglasses....finally I went up for the last time, knowing that there wasn't anything for me but to help a friend pick some..and low and behold- there, staring at me, optic to optic, where these darlings. I couldn't help it the words 'ding ding ding, we have a winner' flew out of my mouth like a drag queen hosting a pub quiz.

I was in love.  Amongst the patterned Versace's, the blinged out BLVGARI's, and square Prada's were my subtle chic Chanels.Their subtle elegance was outstanding. No huge double C's screaming I like expensive shit ..(even though I do- no point beating around the bush)....just black on black perfection. Quilted arms with embossed Chanel on the inside, and a contrasting pink/purple on the inside of the frames....pure fucking class.


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