Thursday, 27 October 2011


yet again an evil man has died causing me to dwell on some very important things about this whole saga... tyrant or fashion icon?  we first had Osama layering amazingly to his full potential, and now Gaddafi. a very experimental man, from his choice of patterns to fabrics to fit...you name it, he has tried it. maybe its an Arabic thing.. speaking as somewhat of an Arab myself, my parents have engraved in me that what you wear is incredibly important..'its people first impression of you that matters'- therefore i give people the impression that i am an over the top flamboyant manly girl and Gaddafi gives us the impression that he is/was a drama queen. 

Exhibit A: striking a pose in Peter Piloto inspired prints

Exhibit B: calm and cool in neutral colours

Exhibit C: Eat your heart out Whitney there is a new Queen of the night,break it down.


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