Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Osama Bin Layering

Its been 10 years since the awful 9/11 incident in New York and one thing that I can honestly say I got out of it was the knowledge and understanding of layering. Osama Bin Ladin or now known to me as Osama Bin Layering, has shown me the way of the proper use of layering. Obviously I would layer purely to keep warm whereas he was forced to layer to somehow hide his horrendous bullet-proof vest. I mean, we know he was some kind of Prince- so appearance meant everything. Underneath his tatty and tangled beard Osama was a bit of a fahionista. He kept to neutral colours, browns, whites, greens, Khaki, yes to keep himself camouflaged but also because he knew those colours complimented his skin tone tremendously.

I am not the only one that has noticed this. The Runways have picked up on this too. Layering seems to be the next big thing during Fashion Week. Take Dries Von Noten for Example; They have layered shorts with trousers. Although it sounds a but strange it actually looks fantastic. 

All Bin Ladin jokes aside- layering is incredibly enjoyable when getting ready especially for me, partly because I'm small and fragile so I need to keep myself warm but also to see how combining variations of lengths looks. long vests with a shorter shirt, with a cropped top and a suit jacket....seems like something I might wear this weekend. Also the best way of doing this is mixing fabrics, baggy knitwear with crisp fitted shirts, loose chinos with fitted jackets. its all about form, fit and shape...and I say create your own. 

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