Friday, 1 July 2011

tighty righty


So long baggy boxers, farewell ill fitting tighty whiteys hello L'Hom by Alexis Mabille. Men's Fashion week showed this marvelous collection of bum caressing, package holding men's lingerie. Yes guys its about time for us to push the Calvin Kleins and Bjorn Borgs aside and make room in our drawer of privates for a soft sleek new pair of these. There's a new player in town that has upped the ante in men's underwear.

 These ones (above) are my absolute favourites! clever use of geometrical lines, causing illusion.....nod nod wink wink... 

ALEXIS MABILLE has designed a Male lingerie line for HOM Men.

HOM the men's underwear brand, presents HOM by ALEXIS MABILLE - a brand new capsule collection of underwear designed by Alexis Mabille exclusively for men. This ingenious and beautiful new line combines HOM's renowned know-how gained from 43 years of experience in the industry with the fresh vision from Alexis Mabille the new hero of French design.

Alexis Mabille says: "Right from the very beginning I have accorded great importance to underwear and beachwear in my men's collections. After launching these evocative collections and meeting with the HOM team we set up this amazing project to launch HOM by ALEXIS MABILLE on an international scale. This line presents a focus around male undergarments and a new way of living. It combines different cuts and colours with wearable, comfortable shapes but it is also fresh and new with a focus on sensuality. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with the HOM teams in developing an underwear collection that is close to my heart, both as a man and a creator."

Since HOM was founded in 1968, it has shaken up male underwear conventions and finally heralded the end of Y-fronts by creating fresh and up-to-date collections, using its expertise to create garments that offer both comfort and support.

HOM launched the first flexible cup briefs in 1968 and has continued to launch the first; gauze briefs, briefs without elastic waistband and the jockstrap. HOMSPORT was launched in 1995, and in 1997 it released the unique HO1, still the best-selling product of the brand thanks to its support panels and patented horizontal opening. The e.GO and Black Addict collections launched in 2009 have also proved hugely successful appealing to a new generation of playful fashion conscious males.

HOM by ALEXIS MABILLE is the meeting point of two worlds - underwear and men's prêt à porter come together to pay homage to the human body in all its shapes and sizes.

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